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What is Tele-Mental Health?

Tele-Mental Health has many names, online counseling, online therapy, technology-assisted counseling, etc. and all of these refer to a type of counseling that takes place with a computer using secure video conferencing. You and I will see each other and hear each other in real time and talk just as if we were in the same room together. We will use an application that is HIPAA compliant, which means confidential and secure.


  • Accessibility – Helpful when transportation is limited, live many miles away, and/or children at home

  • Convenience – Less time traveling, less time off from work

  • Affordability - Less money spent on transportation and childcare

  • Comfort – One of the biggest benefits is the comfort of being in your own space. You can choose to wear comfortable clothing, sit on your comfy chair wrapped in your blanket with your comfort items (tea, your pet, etc.). By being in your own familiar environment, you may it easier to open up and connect with your innermost thoughts and feelings.

DISADVANTAGES which we will work towards eliminating or reducing include:

  • Technology – Having bandwidth (speed of your internet), having a back-up plan if the technology doesn't work, having a private connection, public wifi (offered in most public coffee shops/restaurants) is not private.

  • Privacy – Having a space that is separate and private (cannot be seen or heard).

  • Emergencies – I will ask you at each session to share your location (home, etc.) just in case there is an emergency so I can let local authorities know your location.

My goal is to offer the highest quality of therapeutic interaction with technology. I have completed a Tele-Mental Health Training Certificate (THTC) to ensure legal, ethical and clinical perspectives are taken into consideration and met.

Tech​nology Tips

Use one of the following internet browsers on your laptop/desktop computer or phone.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari

The best equipment is:

  • A computer, tablet, or phone (no applications or software to download),
  • With an external or integrated webcam,
  • And an external or integrated microphone.

Tips for the best connection:

  • Have at least a bandwidth of 10 MBPS OR an Ethernet cable over WiFi
  • Shut down all background applications

How do I join our session?

From the client portal or using a URL provided to you.

Allow Camera and Microphone Access

This is a critical step! Otherwise, your provider will not be able to see or hear you in the session.

Will sessions be recorded?

No, the application does not have a feature for recording audio and/or video for your privacy. 

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