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Whole Heart Therapy 

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Movement for Healing.

“Being in the body may be a prerequisite to therapy.”

– Bessel van der Kolk

YOGA is beneficial in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. YOGA helps build resiliency, reduce stress, enhance sleep, and increase energy. Pamela will modify YOGA so that every body can benefit. 

NIA is a movement form that provides many of the same benefits as yoga. NIA focuses on regulating the nervous system through martial arts, dance, and healing arts.  NIA’s philosophy is “through movement we find health” in our physical, emotional and mental body. 

Pamela is a certified brown belt NIA faciltator (as well as Nia FreeDance, and Moving to Heal) and a 200--hour registered YOGA teacher (Spring 2020) and brings body awareness and movement as a way to develop a loving relationship with the body. 

If you are stuck (tight shoulders, hips or neck), YOGA and NIA have the potential to unwind these areas as well as release distorted thoughts and feelings that are impacting your physical body. These movement practices offer you a way to calm down your nervous system and experience joy and peace.

Please wear comfortable clothing if movement is a part of your therapy session.

Photo Credit: Sheena LaShay and Larry Duncan