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Can a Therapist help? 4 Steps to finding someone who can

December 10, 2020

Many people who have not ever felt a need for mental health services are now contemplating looking for a therapist during these challenging times.

They are feeling unsure of how to deal with the increased anxiety, uncertainty, and isolation this pandemic has brought upon us.

Parenting in a Pandemic: 5 ways to help you and your children cope 

September 29, 2020

Are your children experiencing?

  • Irritability with having school on the computer
  • Sad at not being able to do things they used to do such as sports or friends over after school
  • Scared someone in the family is going to get sick

Parents are seeking therapy because they are worried about their children and their ability to parent.

Brainspotting: A new tool to support your healing from trauma and PTSD

September 21, 2020

A client shared with me, “I get paralyzed with fear especially when someone quickly comes up to my left side and more so when I am in a dark parking lot where I experienced a sexual assault over 20 years ago.” This client went to therapy right after her traumatic experience and with talk therapy she was able to eliminate the nightmares, but the paralyzing fear in parking lots at night never went away. So, she contacted a therapist requesting brainspotting.

Digital Vacation 

September 14, 2020

Today I heard a new term, “Digital Diet”. I don’t like diets, they are restrictive. I am not allowed to do something on a diet and the rebel in me kicks in saying, “You can’t tell me what to do!”

But I sure liked the concept of reducing my amount of digital connection.

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