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Whole Heart Therapy 

Pamela Boysen, LCSW

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Fear Less.

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Pamela's approach is to offer you a safe place to talk and to be heard without judgment. A place to offer feedback on your ideas, explore different perspectives, and co-create strategies to meet your goals. Additionally, we will explore how to accept your current situation and take time to celebrate successes.

Pamela uses non-violent communication principles, mindfulness, self-compassion, motivational interviewing, blended with cognitive behavioral therapy techniques.

Speciality areas include anxiety, relationship conflicts, grief/loss, anger, and recovery from traumatic events.


If your teen struggles socially, academically, or emotionally, there may be other challenges at play that could get worse without exploring underlying causes and teaching more effective ways to respond.

As you child's therapist, Pamela's goal is to offer teens a confidential**, non-judgmental safe space to share their experiences, feel heard, and find solutions to their issues.

Although many parents aspire to provide this for their children, the parent-child relationship tends to make certain topics feel off-limits.

Some examples of goals set at the beginning of therapy are: regulate emotions, identify problematic ways of thinking, learn new ways to talk with others (peers, parents/teachers), find enjoyable activities, engage in heathly habits, and increase postive interactions with parents and siblings.

**Initial collaboration is desired with the parent/guardian, however sessions are held one-on-one between the teen and Pamela. This boundary has a positve impact on your child to be heard and have someone understand their perspective. If a risk or concern is disclosed in session (i.e. strong motivation for suicidal behavior), that information is shared to keep your child safe.


Children respond most positively to play therapy as play is their way of expressing their emotions. Please review Pamela's definition and approach to play therapy on the Play Therapy page.