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Whole Heart Therapy 

Pamela Boysen, LCSW

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Fear Less. 

Explore Self. 

Love More. 


I am glad you're here. Seeking therapy is a big step and it takes courage and a strong heart.

If you feel anxious...have more sadness than joy...struggle to focus...and all of this affects your mood, sleep, and interactions with others; I can help. 

If you feel you have tried everything as a parent and are still worried about your child's behaviors, let's work together.

Whole Heart Therapy is here to walk alongside you, your child and family, offering support and guidance and ways to heal and handle life's everyday stressors so you can feel better.

I am available to see clients in Fountain Valley, CA and offers Tele-Mental Health to clients in California, Kansas, and Missouri. 

Pamela Boysen, LCSW

I bring acceptance, compassion, and hope to our relationship blending art, mindfulness, play, movement, and talk therapy as we work together.  i believe our bodies store our deep emotions and through creativity and imagination, we can unblock, release, and heal.

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